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Chat with friends and family using the Element app. Powered by the federated Matrix network.

Element is an app to chat on the Matrix network. This is a federated network, similar to email, but with the difference that the Matrix network is supports real-time conversations (chat, audio and video), just like WhatsApp, Discord or Signal.

There are many different Matrix operators, like there are many different email services, and is just one small node in the network. The Matrix foundation hosts a popular node at, if you sign up there you'll get an account handle looking like If you create an account at oblak, your handle will look like

It doesn't really matter where you sign up, peeps on different nodes can still talk to each other! (just like someone with an email can read emails from ...)

Get started

These days the app is quite easy to setup. Without downloading anything you can register a free account via your browser at

You can also download the app for your smartphone or laptop.

Depending on your choice follow the instructions (eg. enter username and password) to connect your device to your  account.

If you create a new account make sure you take a moment to understand what keybackup is and how you can backup your E2E roomkeys (two different things!).

If you consider yourself a power user you can try different clients and bots, make sure you check it out!



Find how-to's on the help page