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Terms of service

You are free to use our services as is. If you have questions about the services we operate you can reach out to us on Matrix. We don't log user activitiy and don't track users for any commercial purpose.

We analyse the performance of the platform, and we may encounter sensitive data during operational activities (just like any other platform). If you are really sensitive about your data it is still up to you to educate yourself and take steps to limit exposure.

We maintain a fair usage policy where every user is allowed to use more or less the same as every other users, in relation to the total available capacity. Thresholds may change over time.

While we do not actively montior user activity, this does not mean this platform is a free-for-all. We do not allow illegal or unethical behavior and if you think that someone is abusing the platform, please reach out to us as soon as possible.

We reserve the right to block and/or ban any account that we find violation the rules of this platform!


We take appropriate measures to limit attack surface as much as possible. Some of these measures may include but are not limited to:

  • absolutely limit recording of PII (personally identifiable information) data to the bare minimum: what is not there, can not be hacked.
  • encryption of data both in transit and at rest
  • tokenization of PII data where appropriate
  • static code analysis on all the software we deploy
  • firewalling and rate limiting
  • intrusion and anomaly detection

While we invest a lot of time and energy in securing the platform, you must still be aware that 100% security can never be guaranteed. Please also take your own security measures; securing your own account is helping everyone to have a more secure experience! You should:

  • choose a strong password (+24 characters) for your account.
    • never share this password with anyone
  • enable 2FA (see help pages on how to enable this)
  • enable PGP when using our mail service
  • make a backup of your mnemonic seed (the first time you created an account)
  • make a backup of your Element security key


While we aren't a for-profit business, we do sell subscriptions to allow you to use more resources than available with a free account.

You can subscribe to a subscription by clicking the "Buy now" button next to the subscription of your liking in the dashboard.

A subscription purchase is non refundable, except on a case by cases basis (please contact us at operations [at] oblak [dot] be, if you think you are eligible for a refund).

A subscription is renewed monthly, as long as there is sufficient balance on your primary wallet address.

A subscription can not be canceled, but is terminated when your wallet is empty.

If a subscription is not renewed, you will not have access anymore to the extra resources (eg storage).

Data you might have already stored before your limit decreased, will still be accessible. As long as your data storage exceeds your limit, new uploads are disabled.

If you keep exceeding your limit for 3 months, without payment for a new subscription, excess data will become inaccessible. We will keep an encrypted copy of your data for an extra 6 months: you can request your data , upon you will be supplied with a download link.

In total, 9 months after stopping your  subscription, excess data will be deleted.

Before time has run out, you can always buy a new subscription to continue to make use of our services.

We are not liable for any data loss you might suffer!